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ARGES Reflex Photocell

The ARGES Reflex Photocell consists of a transmitter and a reflector unit.
The main unit transmits an infrared beam towards the ARGES photocell reflector positioned on the other side of the timing line. When correctly aligned, the reflected beam is received creating an unbroken invisible beam of light. Anything or anyone that crosses the field of the beam creates an interruption which is instantly reported to attached timing device(s), meeting the International Sport Federations standards.

The ARGES Reflex Photocell allows constant monitoring of the return beam signal to allow a simple cell alignment process.

An accessible internal battery provides stand alone operation, and a connection for an external battery or a DC power supply allows long term or fixed installation setups.

The ARGES Reflex Photocell features two output contacts allowing connections to two different timing devices simultaneously (main & back-up for example). A small switch panel on the side of the photocell allowing users to choose from the many operating modes and options, making it compatible with all types of timing equipment.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the ARGES Reflex Photocell is a highly precise and reliable timing device even in extreme meteorological conditions and temperatures.

Athletics starting blocks

Athletics starting blocks for use with ASC2 false start detection system.

Available in sets of 6, 8 and 10, including cabling.

Calypso modular 8-digit scoreboard

The Calypso utilises advanced LED technology to make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Calypso is fully compatible with timing products using the SWISS TIMING ARES 21 protocol, including sports such as Swimming, Waterpolo, Synchronised Swimming and Diving.

Two Calypso versions are available: master and slave; the master has an integrated power supply plus driver, and can be used to control up to three slave devices (see diagram on pdf).

The Calypso digits are 24 cm high, each consisting of 150 high luminosity LEDs, whose brightness automatically adapts to ambient light conditions. This ensures that Calypso scoreboards always work at the optimum contrast and brightness to provide excellent readability at distances up to 120m.

The compact grey aluminium housing has an acrylic finish to guarantee the best protection against atmospheric conditions.

The scoreboard is designed to be installed on a wall with all module to module wiring hidden from view. Cleaning and maintenance are eased by an access from the front of the scoreboard. Calypso Scoreboards are made with the highest quality materials and all components are thoroughly tested before assembly.


CHRONOS is an all-in-one multisport timing device for sports such as Track Cycling, Ski and Athletics.

State-of-the-art advanced technology hardware performs all of the time-critical functions in CHRONOS with a precision of 1/10000 of a second, instantly passing the data to an internal computer running under Microsoft Windows CE®.


CHRONOS features an internal battery providing up to two hours of backup power if your external power fails. CHRONOS can be powered by 12V such a car battery, or with mains power (115-240 VAC)

Even under direct sunlight conditions the CHRONOS antiglare colour LCD (backlit, 640 x 480 pixels) provides enhanced contrast.

Located around the CHRONOS screen, the 31 function keys can be individually configured according to the specific needs of your sport. A removable insert is used to quickly identify the most frequently needed keys. CHRONOS also provides a PS2 socket allowing you to connect an external standard keyboard or numeric keypad.

The fast built-in thermal printer provides live printouts without requiring ink cartridges and is designed to allow paper changes very quickly.

Additional details can be found in the data sheet:



The MTE is a hand-held, battery powered keypad used by the judges to enter scores given to the athletes during aquatic sports such as diving, synchronised diving and synchronized swimming.

A twelve hour battery life without recharging and wireless connectivity makes poolside setup very fast and simple.

The 128 x 64 pixel Display (LCD) is able to display up to eight lines of twentyone characters and also has graphic capabilities, facilitating useful feedback to the judges.The MTE is fitted with an orientable antenna for wireless data transmission, providing up to 100 metres of range in open space, or can be used as a wired device whenever wireless functionallity is compromised. All MTE units are linked to a centralised scoring system using the industry standard ZigBee transmission protocol. The multi use connector also acts as input for external power and recharge purposes.

In addition to the numeric keypad, The MTE features seven additional function keys all protected (IP64) by an embossed splashproof sheet allowing them to be used close to poolside.


Nova video display

Our colour video displays use the very latest in technology and design to bring spectators closer to the action, keep them informed and at the same time, offer venues a substantial method of raising advertising revenue. Available for indoor and outdoor installations, realistic video can now be rendered even in small venues with minimum viewing distances.

Our range of video displays meet the high standards required in the sport and entertainment sectors for large video screens. SWISS TIMING has many years experience in developing and installing both small and large displays, in stadiums, sport centres and aquatics centres around the world.

An overview of SWISS TIMING displays.

Download the NOVA technical description as pdf:


OMEGA OSB11 - starting block simple

Starting block in fibreglass (without relay break detection).

Top surface is 74x52cm (including foot rest). The sets of six, eight and ten are supplied with standard mounting materials.

This model can be upgraded with a relay break detection platform.

OMEGA OSB11 - starting block with relay break detection

Complete starting block in fibreglass.

Provides Relay Break Detection (RBD) and start reaction time facility when connected to ARES.

Features an adjustable raised foot rest.

Top surface is 74x52cm (including foot rest).

The sets of six, eight and ten are supplied with standard mounting materials.

OMEGA OSB12 - starting platform

The OSB12 platform can be fitted to many existing starting blocks (for example in a deck level pool).

Available with or without RBD. RBD provides relay break detection and start reaction times when connected to OMEGA ARES.

Features an adjustable raised foot rest.
The top surface is 74x50cm (including foot rest).
Supplied with standard mounting materials.

OMEGA Scan'O'Vision Star

The OMEGA Scan'O'Vision Star cameras take up to 2000 images each second with a high resolution 2048 pixel vertical line, and the corresponding time is displayed with each picture. This groundbreaking resolution gives much more information, providing the photofinish judge a higher zoom and even more detail, resulting in faster decisions in those tightest of finishes.

All Star cameras now feature remote control of the lens iris and focus functions from within the photofinish software.

All models include a built in digital inclinometer. This visual aid ensures the camera is perfectly level, which is a crucial element of ensuring fair and accurate results from a photofinish system.

The OMEGA 20/20 Vision camera includes the SWISS TIMING patented Spatial Alignment System. By switching camera alignment to matrix view, the recording column of pixels can be placed very precisely along the finish line very quickly and easily. This view also permits the operator to demonstrate to a judge that the camera has been correctly set up.

For the cost conscious customer, the Star 220 camera offers great value for money with the same OMEGA Scan'o'Vision Star image quality.

OMEGA Star photofinish cameras measure time to one half of a millisecond, beyond requirements for a wide range of sports including; Athletics, Cycling, Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing, Speed Skating, Rowing and Canoeing.

Star cameras are self contained devices, needing only a Gigabit network cable to connect it to the capture PC or laptop up to one hundred metres away, and extendable with standard repeated devices.

With the optional internal battery pack installed, a Star camera can continue to operate for up to one hour after mains power failure. This option is recommended for cameras that will be in use outdoors. An external 12v supply can also allow the camera to be used when mains power is not available.

With a standard Nikon fit lens mount, users globally have a wealth of high quality lenses to choose from. Please note that due to the high resolution of the Star camera, some lenses such as those made for digital SLRs do not permit the capture of the full image. Please contact us for advice.

Star software has been completely rewritten to take advantage of advances in technology.

Using the depth of knowledge and feedback from our users around the sporting world, the new software adds intuitive control to the tools common to the Scan-O-Vision family.

Designed to accommodate exacting requirements of Olympic and World Championship sport, the Star camera software is feature rich, able to communicate with results systems, many scoreboards and displays, as well as being able to integrate with wind measurement, false start systems and transponder tracking.

Templates for both screen and printing can create customised layouts to include event and sponsor logos and can be made easily by the user with the template editor.

Such created output can also be PDF or web friendly graphics to get your results online quickly.

By adding the 100% zoom window, the precise pixel by pixel detail of dificult decisions can be clearly presented.

View this image full size

Features include automatic cropping selection and the ability to monitor the finish line, automatically recording every object that passes through a predetermined zone.

OMEGA OCP5 Touchpads

The OMEGA OCP5 touch pad consists of a high grade stainless steel frame that supports the individual and interlinked non slip, nonabrasive resilient polyvinyl chloride slats. The reliability and durability of the touch pad, which has been designed for sustained heavy duty use is unaffected by hard water and chemical corrosion. The contact strips and the surface are adjusted in such manner that any point on the touch pad reacts to the same force, between two and three kilograms. It is highly sensitive to local impact but does not react to an overall change in surface pressure; thus eliminating false impulses due to waves.

The horizontal contact strips are fixed within the touch pad and in this way give a timing signal when they close due to an applied pressure. Ultra long life is guaranteed with the integration of high quality materials and leading edge technology, making this product the reference for Swimming timing equipment. Small repairs due to hard use can even be carried out by the client himself. This way, no touch pads need to be returned for repair. The OCP5 is available in four sizes that all feature the same top level of quality. To guarantee this, all components are carefully selected and thoroughly tested before assembly. A specially designed storage and transport trolley is available as a recommended option and can accommodate up to ten full height OCP5 touch pads. All these advanced features guarantee accurate results with no compromise.

ASC2 - Athletics false start detection system

Integrated mobile starting device in a trolley with connections to a starting system and starting block cabling.

On-line transfer of data to timing system via a serial line.

CHRONOS timer and OST4 included.

115-230 VAC, internal battery (6 hours autonomy).

PowerTime II

The PowerTime II is a hand-held, battery powered timing device.

High precision, low power consumption, compact and user friendly, the PowerTime II has been created by combining SWISS TIMING's vast knowledge of sports timekeeping with our cutting edge technology innovations.

As well as the very flexible "Standard" timekeeping software, additional sport specific programs at available to download from our website for Swimming, swim training and Skiing.

The PowerTime II can be used alone with it's four line display, and 18 key keyboard and built in printer. But it is also ready to be part of a more complex timing system and is compatable with most of the Swiss Timing products, including the StartTime III, OCP5 Touchpads, and SWISS TIMING scoreboards.

Additional information is available in PDF format.

StartTime IV acoustic start

The StartTime IV acoustic start is an integral single high fidelity loudspeaker and optical flash.

It features a multifunction LCD display, a keypad to select from the various setup possibilities, including start sound selection. Additional sound files will be available from our website to download.

Optional loudspeakers can be connected to deliver the start signal as equally as possible to each athlete.

A microphone unit enables the starter to give the start signal while amplifying all the verbal commands. Two LEDs indicators on the microphone unit show the status of the device and the connected timing system.

This new starting device combines the latest SWISS TIMING technologies, a brand new futuristic design and the latest security and safety standards. The overall design concept allows for enhancements to the system to be made available in the future.

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