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A birthday and ciclovida

Last night was a small gathering for Dilia’s birthday. We were to meet at Joshua’s house at 8 p.m. for lasagna, salad and ice cream. I got there about 8:20 or later, thinking I’d be on time. A few people were there and by 9 p.m., the rest showed up and we ate. The food made by Joshua, a teacher here from the US, was outstanding. Afterwards, an amazing ice cream cake, with chocolate “brownie” crumbs and the usual candle in it, was served to Dilia, who turned 33. The candle, when lit, shoots out a tall spray of fireworks for a minute or so and then ends in a small flame which is easily blown out. Dilia is a good friend and now lives and works in Bogotá. She came to Cali to celebrate her birthday. There was a small group of her close friends. About 11 p.m. or so, we shared taxis and went to Orlando’s house to meet more people. The music was playing and soon groups were outside talking and often going in to the house to dance. I ended up dancing salsa, bachata and, even, reggaeton. I was dancing reggaeton with a woman and we both said how we really didn’t like reggaeton much. I danced with salsa with several women who were great dancers and we did a combination of LA style and Cali style. One woman talked a lot about how to hear the music and feel the beat. She said to listen for the cymbals. I’d always thought you just listened for the clave. What she said made sense, though. It was a fun evening. When I was ready to leave, it was early in the morning. I asked Orlando if he thought it was too late to walk home. He said definitely, it wasn’t safe. So, another friend, Richie, who’s from Ireland and lives and works here now, was also about ready to leave. He, like me, is an adventurous guy. I asked if he wanted to walk, as he walks places a lot like me. He said sure. We left together and had a great walk back to our barrios, talking and not having any problems. Hardly anyone else walking on the sidewalk along Calle 5.

Today, I walked the entire length of the ciclovida along Calle 9. One side of the street was blocked off so people could walk, run, ride bicycles or skate. They had a misting tunnel set up today, as shown in the photo above. It was a large crowd today. I always enjoy the walking and people watching at the ciclovidas. It’s great to see the Caleños out exercising and having fun.

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