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Information Security and Risk Management in Context @ FIX University

  1. Miniatura1:16
  2. Information Security and Risk Management in Context with Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky

  3. The course "Women and the Civil Rights Movement" by Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky from the University of Washington will be offered free of charge ...
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  6. Cory Doctorow: The coming war on general computation [28C3]

  7. and sold information. Now, information technology makes things efficient, so imagine the markets that an information economy would have. You ...
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  10. Webinar - Developing a Risk Management Plan

  11. March 24-25, 2010 Having a well-developed risk management plan demonstrates the health center's or clinic's commitment to managing risks and ...
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  14. Structured Interview Training

  15. Original air date was Ocotber 27, 2009.
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  18. Crash Course: Chapter 18 - Environmental Data by Chris Martenson

  19. Chapter 18 - Environmental Data: The entire human population reached three billion in 1960, and today more than twice that number of people live ...
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    1. Launch of the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

    2. This exciting new initiative is partnering top innovators from the private sector, non-profits, and academia with top innovators in government to ...
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    1. Staying the Course: Part II - Zeitgeist Europe '09

    2. The panel explores those improbable events that the marketplace under-assesses but which end having a powerful and unanticipated influence for ...
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    3. Financial Advisor Nick Parnell - Freedom 55 Financial

    4. the following: Risk Management and Insurance Planning Managing cash flow risks through sound risk management and insurance techniques ...
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    7. Elizabeth Warren - The Two Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke

    8. Elizabeth Warren discusses how the dreams of the middle class american family are being depleted by the dramatic increase in ...
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    11. Security And Privacy Requirements To Support Exchange of Health Information

    12. More info at Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy
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    15. Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment

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    19. What Happened to the Future? Lessons from Ancient Athens

    20. Presented by: W. Robert Connor, two events 3/22/11, 7PM & 3/23/11, 1PM - Provide by GVSU's Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies and the ...
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    23. Is Afghanistan the New Vietnam? Gordon Goldstein and Lessons in Disaster

    24. Excerpts from theMassachusetts School of Law's program, Books of Our Time, in which Dean Lawrence R. Velvel interviews Gordon M ...
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    27. East Asia 2011 - Managing Global Disruptions: Asia's Risk Response Mechanisms

    28. 12.06.2011 How should Asia approach ongoing efforts to manage looming global risks? The following dimensions will be addressed ...
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    31. US EPA Region 2 NY K-12 Schools Energy Efficiency/PCBs Training Webinar

    32. US EPA Region 2 K-12 Schools Energy Efficiency/PCBs Training Webinar for New York from January 12, 2012.
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    35. White House Forum on Transforming Federal Information Technology (IT) Management

    36. Jeffrey Zients, US Chief Performance Officer and OMB's Deputy Director for Management, and Vivek Kundra, US Chief Information Officer, will ...
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    39. 2010 Refinement of Income & Rent Rule & Eff Implementation of the PIH EIV Sys Trng-Pt 1 01/28/2010

    40. mile rehab program for homeless individuals now of course as you know the insect behind a single room occupancy program is to get ...
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    43. 2011 Updated PIH-EIV System 9.2.1 Training Part 2 10/27/2011

    44. 2011 Updated PIH-EIV System 9.2.1 Training Part 2
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    1. Finding the Truth: Interview and Interrogation Training Simulations

    2. Download presentation: In order for investigators to conduct effective interviews and interrogations, they must carefully ...
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    3. OPRE - Going Forward: Lessons Learned and Implications for Policy and Research

    4. More info at ( We allow comments according to our comment policy
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    6. de usgovACF you want a career in information security this course is for you.
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isaca.orgIntroducing an information security program is cornerstone to an effort to ...
413 × 381 - 43 k - jpg

itsecurityleaders.comHe is responsible for the company's overall information security program ...
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cpdwise.comMarket risk management and regulation online course
400 × 275 - 26 k - jpg evaluation of the Board's information security program and practices, ...
683 × 305 - 6 k - gif Risk Management and Basel III - 4-day course in London or in-house ...
250 × 250 - 15 k - jpg Management, which addresses the issue of risk management in the context ...
780 × 562 - 31 k - gif

cpdwise.comCredit Risk - Management & Regulation online course
400 × 275 - 27 k - jpg

itsecurityleaders.comRoota Almeida has over 12 years of experience in Information Security, Risk ...
150 × 196 - 11 k - jpg

cpdwise.comLiquidity risk management and regulation online course
400 × 274 - 27 k - jpg

cpdwise.comOperational Risk - Management & Regulation online course
400 × 274 - 26 k - jpg

redspin.comAt its heart, information security is a method of managing risk to ...
426 × 282 - 108 k - jpg

intechopen.comTraining farmers to read a rain gauge.
451 × 301 - 29 k - jpeg

intechopen.comThe augmented risk management process
976 × 626 - 235 k - jpeg

en.wikipedia.orgERM should provide the context and business objectives to IT risk management
220 × 311 - 43 k - png

blog.q1labs.comPerhaps this graphic represents the foundation of Security Intelligence 2.0:
1449 × 674 - 108 k - png

web.peaceops.comIN a corporate sustainability context, risk management has a broad meaning.
280 × 280 - 107 k - png provided by options theory and their description in IT security context
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hldataprotection.comThe European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has just ...
1024 × 768 - 72 k - jpg Courses → Safety, Security and Risk ManagementSecurity and Risk ...
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Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

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Derecho a Ver - Muestra itinerante de cine documental y derechos humanos


Mientras los documentales de la primera edición de Derecho a Ver siguen su itinerancia por el territorio colombiano y parte del extranjero (DF en México, Málaga en España).

Próximamente se podrá consultar la programación para las diferentes ciudades en esta página.

Fernando IX University


JGB Hall Libray Building: Calle 5 No 24A – 91 / Barrio 3 de julio


'Revuelta Colombia' Dirigido por Octavi Royo Olazaguirre Duración: 30 minutos País: Colombia España Un grupo de locos de la vida se juntan en un autobús y viajan por las zonas más dañadas por el conflicto que sufre Colombia para dar talleres y espectáculos a cambio de sonrisas y vida.


'Mi amigo Diego' Dirigido por Rob Brouwer and Pablo Eppelin Duración: 44 minutos País: Países Bajos Luis Alberto Alarcón, ex miembro de la seguridad del presidente Allende (GAP) decide contar su experiencia en las cárceles y centros de tortura durante los meses siguientes al golpe de estado militar en Chile. Un juez le solicita viajar a Chile para enfrentar en un careo al hombre que le torturó y le ha perseguido en sus pesadillas durante todos estos años.


'Los hilos de Penélope' Dirigido por Colectivo Circes Duración: 50 minutos País: España Tres mujeres de Barcelona deciden hacer un documental en el pueblo de origen de sus amigos donde las mujeres viven en la ausencia de los hombres migrantes durante la mayor parte del año. Inspiradas en Penélope de la Odisea, en su imaginario conciben a las mujeres como tejedoras de un vínculo capaz de orientar el destino de los suyos.


'De luna a luna' Dirigido por Diana Kuellar Duración: 11 minutos País: Colombia De luna a luna cuenta el día a día de dos mujeres colombianas. Por medio de sus historias, el documental intenta visibilizar el exceso de trabajo que recae en las mujeres que a la vez son madres, trabajadoras, campesinas, cabezas de familia y que no cuentan con protección social.

Fernando IX University

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